Air Conditioning Repair in Seattle

Don’t let a broken or outdated air conditioning system let you swelter this summer. Contact SJ Tedd Plumbing Contractors today to inquire about our Seattle AC repair service and take the first consistent and cool air.

Stay Comfortable Year Round With Our AC Repair Service

In an ideal world, your air conditioner would always function flawlessly and keep your home cool. However, this is rarely the case with HVAC machinery and equipment. Over time, heavy usage or wear can cause your air conditioner unit to break down or falter just when you need it most - like in the middle of a summer heat wave!

That's why you need SJ Teddy Plumbing Contractors HVAC division by your side when things go awry. With our AC repair services, you can ensure your unit is functioning properly and keeping your Seattle home cool and comfortable year round. Our professional HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect your system, identifying potential issues or damages before they turn into costly repairs.


Keep your home cool and comfortable.

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Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

If you've begun noticing some issues with your AC system, call us right away. Problems left unaddressed can quickly exacerbate, creating bigger, more expensive issues down the road. If you call us at first sight of a problem, we can get in there to get your system back up and running in no time.
Here are some common signs that your air conditioner needs repairing:

  • Water leaks
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • Strange or unusual noises
  • Frequently cycling off
  • Bad odors
  • Warm air

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Repair Services

Whether you notice your mini split is making a strange noise or your central AC just isn’t cooling like it used to, we’ve got you covered.

During your Seattle AC repair service, our technicians will perform one or several of the following depending on your system issues:


Complete a visual inspection of your AC

Locate and repair any water leaks

Ensure connections are sound

Clear the drain line

Inspect and repair any damaged wiring or electrical components

Complete a visual inspection of your AC

Clean the condenser coils

Clean the air filter

Repair or replace the compressor if necessary

Recalibrate, repair, or replace the thermostat as needed

We Offer AC Repairs For Every Type of System

Our skilled HVAC technicians have the skill & knowledge to repair all types of AC systems. Whether it's a central AC, ductless mini-split, heat pump, or split system, we have the expertise to get it back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Central AC Systems

Cool your entire space with a state-of-the-art central air conditioning system, great for larger homes or buildings.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

A ductless mini split is a two-in-one system that heats and cools without the need for ductwork. Plus, you get to enjoy precise temperature control in each specific area of the home.

Heat Pumps

Simply put, a heat pump is one system that works as an A/C and heat source, perfect for perfect for Seattle's varied climate.

What to Expect During Your AC Repair Service

We provide timely and reliable repair service, ensuring your air conditioner is back in working order as soon as possible! There’s no need to wait days or weeks - Just call us at  425-399-2448 to get started.

1. Initial Consultation

 Schedule an initial consultation with our experienced HVAC technicians. They will visit your home to inspect your air conditioning system and provide an accurate diagnosis. 

2. Quote

We’ll design a custom proposal that includes an accurate quote and outlines the necessary repairs.

3. Repair Work

Once you accept our quote, our HVAC professionals will carry out the repair work with precision, care, and efficiency.

4. Enjoy a Cool Home

With a working air conditioner, you can now sit back and relax in your perfectly cool home.

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