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Struggling to stay cool with Seattle's rising temperatures? Dealing with uneven cooling from an outdated central AC system? Or maybe you're seeking an efficient dual heating and cooling solution that won't break the bank.

Whatever your HVAC needs may be, SJ Teddy Plumbing Contractors can help you explore your options and make the right decision for your family. We install a variety of air conditioning products, including cutting-edge heat pumps that offer comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. Whether it's a chilly winter night or a hot summer day, your home will always be just the right temperature with a heat pump.


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What Is A Heat Pump & How Does It Work?

A heat pump is a ductless air force system that transfers heat from one location to another using a refrigeration cycle instead of generating heat or cooling air directly. It can function in both winter and summer seasons by moving either warm air into the house or expelling heat from inside, depending on the need, making it a versatile HVAC system. If you want the benefit of heating and cooling just from one system, a heat pump is definitely worth considering.

So how does it work? A heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and various indoor ones, connected by refrigerant lines and electrical cabling. When in heating mode, the heat pump absorbs warmth from the outside air or the ground and carries it via a refrigerant fluid circulating through the outdoor coil of the system. In cooling mode, the process is reversed using a reversing valve. The heat pump extracts heat from inside the home and releases it outside, effectively cooling the indoor air.

A heat pump can either serve as an alternative to a central AC or as an addition to your existing HVAC system.

The Value of Investing in a Heat Pump for Your Seattle Home

There are countless advantages to installing a heat pump in your home. Enjoy energy efficiency, dual heating and cooling, quiet operations, precise temperature control, and consistent comfort all year round.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps work on a zoning system, enabling you to control the temperature in each room, effectively saving energy, reducing costs, and lowering your carbon footprint. According to PSE heat pumps “reduce your electricity use by 50% compared to furnaces and baseboard heaters (from energy.gov).”

Dual Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, eliminating the need for separate heating and air conditioning systems. This dual functionality makes them extremely versatile and cost-effective.

Quiet Operations

While air conditioning systems get a bad rep for being noisy and loud, heat pumps are quite the opposite. They are extremely quiet, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Temperature Control

You are able to control the temperature of each indoor air handler individually. This means your family members can set different temperatures for various rooms based on their preferences.

Consistent Comfort

Traditional HVAC systems often struggle to maintain consistent temperatures throughout larger homes or buildings. Heat pumps can further distribute hot or cold air evenly throughout the space, providing consistent comfort.

Humidity Control

Heat pumps not only heat and cool your home efficiently but also provide excellent humidity control, for a more comfortable and breathable living environment.

Heat Pump or Mini Split - Which Should You Choose?

If you’ve been doing some research on air conditioning systems, you’ll likely have come across both heat pumps and mini splits. Both are dual heating and cooling systems consisting of ndoor and outdoor units.

Some key differences between heat pumps and mini splits are:


Heat pumps may require ductwork for air distribution throughout the building, while mini splits are completely ductless.


Heat pumps are typically larger and better for whole-home temperature control, while mini splits are compact and easier to install in smaller spaces.

Rest assured, the HVAC experts at SJ Teddy Plumbing Contractors will walk you through the specifics of each system to ensure you end up with one that best meets your needs. Plus, we’re also here to answer inquiries, questions, and concerns at any time.

PSE Rebates for Heat Pumps

Take advantage of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) rebates for energy efficient HVAC systems like heat pumps. You’ll receive a $1,500 rebate when you replace your electric resistance heating system with a qualifying air-source heat pump (ducted or ductless). Learn more about available rebates and if you qualify here.

Efficient and Easy Heat Pump Installation

1. Initial Consultation

 Schedule an initial consultation with our experienced technicians. They will visit your home to assess your existing system and discuss your heating and cooling needs. Based on your home’s layout and your preferences, they’ll recommend the best HVAC solution.

2. Quote

If we think you should opt for a heat pump, we’ll design a custom proposal that includes an accurate quote on the price of the heat pump and the installation cost.

3. Heat Pump Installation

Once you approve our proposal, our skilled technicians will handle the installation process promptly and professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to your home’s operations.

4. Enjoy Consistent Comfort

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a home that’s always the right temperature. Rest assured, we'll provide guidance on operating your new system and remain available to answer any questions or provide repairs.

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